Stepping back for a bit.

To all my friends and customers,

Trying to run a business while also juggling mental illness is a challenge at the best of times. Prior to COVID I was just about managing my depressive episodes while slowly growing my business. Year on year profits were up which meant I was able to allow myself suitable downtime to recharge.

When the pandemic hit my business suffered greatly and it hasn’t recovered. The past few months I’ve made only a handful of sales which means I now have more outgoings that incomings. On top of this I’ve had a lot going on personally which has put a considerable strain on my mental health to the point I attempted to end my life earlier this week. I am safe now and am being monitored by my GP and local crisis team.

I haven’t got the energy or wherewithal to focus on my business right now. In fact, my GP has ordered me to take a break. What actually sounds dreamy right now is to close up shop for good but that’s just not realistic. As I received some of the self employment grants from the government last year I’ve committed myself to run my business for at least a year after collecting the funds (tis the rules). I’m between a rock and a hard place at the moment.

So, my plan is to keep my Etsy and Bigcartel shops open with the stock that I have. There will be no new items (or very few) this year as I just can’t manage it. This includes the 2022 calendar and Celtic Christmas card. I will not be taking on any commissions. I really want to be as commitment free as possible so I can focus on getting better as much as that puts me in the lurch financially.

To the one person who pre-ordered the next Celtic mug set – I will be refunding you. It’s too much of a task to take on especially when the interest is low.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support.

Love and elbow bumps,


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