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In 2019 I created a calendar featuring some of my uplifting doodles that I’d created while I was having a particularly difficult time with depression. I drew them as a way to lift my spirits and, in turn, hopefully uplift others going through difficult times too. The calendar was a big success and it quickly sold out.

2020 came along and, well, lets just say it didn’t start well for, like, the entire world. Depression came back to kick me in the butt several times over and my small illustration business struggled (and continues to struggle although things are looking up a bit more) amid a worldwide pandemic. Oh my gosh. What the hell? Anyway. I started receiving questions about the possibility of a 2021 calendar. Initially I was concerned I didn’t have enough new artworks to fill another calendar… HOW WRONG WAS I. Thus, my new 2021 calendar was born.

‘A 2021 Calendar of ENCOURAGEMENT, Cute Drawings of Animals & a Potato’ is jam packed with encouraging words and daft doodles which will hopefully give you good vibes across the coming year.


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