A Letter from Peter & Craigy Who creator Jo meets The Doctor!

A LETTER FROM PETER: Heading out to do some food shopping this afternoon (2nd Aug 2014) and I found an envelope in my pigeon hole. I was puzzled because I’d already collected the mail in the morning - it had been placed in the wrong mail box.

I initially thought it was a card from my parents as I’d been ill the previous week but the postmark didn’t make sense (Wales). Opening it up I first saw my name written on a plain cream coloured card. Who is this from?!

What a lovely surprise…

'Dear Jo, so sorry for the delay. Thank you so much for another kind gift: “Craigy Who and Mr Timey Pants" - what a great achievement. I hope you've sent Craig a copy - I'm sure he'd love it. You are obviously very creative - please continue to be. I've almost finished filming Dr. Who now. 1 week to go! And it’s coming on shortly. I really hope you like it. Anyway - all the best to you and further congratulations on your great work. Best - Peter’

I’m simply blown away. What a lovely, lovely man.


Read about my encounters with Peter from the start....


JAN 2014: Living in Cardiff has many perks – one of which is that the city is used frequently for the filming of shows such as Sherlock, Casualty and of course Doctor Who. As you may be aware I'm a massive Doctor Who fan and recently completed an illustration called ‘The Twelve Doctors’ which I had made in to a print. Of course I’ve also been regularly drawing the 12th Doctor in this here web comic series so I definitely had to find a way of meeting the lovely Peter Capaldi (who is a fantastic actor) particularly as I’d heard filming had started on the new series of Who.

I set myself a daily task of heading out across Cardiff in search of Peter (I set up a silly photo blog to document my efforts) with the goal of handing him a copy of ‘The Twelve Doctors’ print. I began following filming location developments on Twitter and spent many hours standing in the rain and the cold and also generally walking a lot around Cardiff Bay optimistically hoping I’d bump into him.

There’s a fine line between commitment and stupidity (I think I was edging towards stupidity) but my perseverance paid off and I finally met Peter on the 23rd Jan outside a filming location in central Cardiff. I hadn't actually intended on going that day but a fan wanted to meet from the previous night so I headed over. It was a very brief meeting but I managed to hand over the print. He really is a gentleman and was lovely to everyone (there were four of us). I later found out from a friend who had purchased a print from me the same day (they wanted to get all the Doctors to sign it – such a good idea) that Peter remembered “the lovely lady who gave him one earlier” and that he “loved it”. I must say I'm rather chuffed!

peterUPDATE: On March 18th 2014 I heard that filming was taking place near to my home today so thought I’d head over. Having already met Peter I decided to take a print out of the Craigy Who title image with a link to the comic underneath.

There were quite a few people already at the location. A crane with lights faced towards the university building they had adapted into some kind of futuristic bank. Some crew were setting up platforms outside the building as well.

After about 15 minutes Peter could be seen, coffee cup in hand, heading towards the entrance doors. He was greeted with a round of applause from the fans (I wasn’t expecting this and I don’t think he was either). We all gathered around him and he graciously stood for photographs. I approached him with my now rather grubby print out thanks to its journey in my hand bag and handed it to him. When I explained that Craig Ferguson was his companion in the comic his face broke into a massive smile and he laughed. Peter then read out the title of the comic, chuckling. He said he’ll definitely be checking it out. I declined the offer of a photo with him this time but made sure I grabbed a snap of him before I left.

I cannot express how utterly fantastic it was to hear Peter Capaldi say “Craigy Who”. Amazing!

So there we go! The Doctor is now aware of the comic! I must say too that he really does look rather dapper in his costume. Very suave.


UPDATE: April 14th 2014. Away at my parents my best friend Celine (and co-writer of Craigy Who) decided to head out to some filming in a forest near Castle Coch in Wales. With her she took a poster I created for Peter’s birthday, a poster of The Late Night Time Lord and a CD of my music. I wasn’t intending on giving him all of that but it was his birthday after all! She managed to have a good chat to him and by all accounts was very pleased with the birthday poster (I didn't realise he was such a big Bowie fan).



signedcardUPDATE: 30th June 2014: Today I was lucky enough to give copy number 12 of the Craigy Who comic to Peter Capaldi during some outdoor filming in Cardiff. He really is a lovely, kind man and I'm very honoured to have met him several times over the past few months. Remembered to pop a letter in with it this time. I can't wait to see him in action as the Doctor this August and I do hope he's able to pay a visit to The Late Late Show before Craig says goodbye!



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