• Stepping back for a bit.

    To all my friends and customers, Trying to run a business while also juggling mental illness is a challenge at the best of times. Prior to COVID I was just about managing my depressive episodes while slowly growing my business. Year on year profits were up which meant I was able to allow myself suitable downtime to recharge. When the pandemic hit my business suffered greatly and it hasn’t recovered. The past few months I’ve made only a handful of sales which means I now have more outgoings that incomings. On top of this I’ve had a lot going on personally which has put a considerable strain on my mental…

  • Positively Passionate Prints

    I love creating illustrations and making them into prints. There’s always an element of humour with everything I do. Here’s a few examples of my work (which is all available in my Etsy store!)


    It’s almost time to blow the dust off of the Christmas decorations and awkwardly retrieve the tree from the back of the cupboard (unless you buy a real tree in which case good luck fitting it in the car). I decided to create some cut-out tree decorations from my Christmas card designs from last year… and a new image just for the download! FREE to download and print! I suggest using card (as thick as your printer can handle) to ensure the decorations are sturdy! DOWNLOAD PDF HERE!

  • Greeting Cards Galore!

    It’s been a lot of fun choosing which illustrations to make into greeting cards. There are currently 20 different designs available in my Etsy shop and I hope to add more soon! At the moment I focus on humour and wellbeing but there’s a selections of Christmas cards too as well as new baby, thank you teacher and wedding/sweetheart cards. Head on over to my Etsy store now!