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Tractor, a true story penned by Rachel Sermanni and illustrated by Jo Whitby, is a charming and heart warming tale that takes place on a wee hill in the heart of the Cairngorms in the Scottish Highlands.

"My dear friend Jo and I collaborated to make this comic book. I recite how 'Tractor' came to be written and it is accompanied by Jo's most beautiful illustrations and interpretations" - Rachel Sermanni

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Craigy Who and Mr Timey Pants

It just had to be done didn't it? A Craig Ferguson Doctor Who crossover comic. Created by illustrator, musician and all round nerdy type Jo Whitby 'Craigy Who and Mr Timey Pants' is a Doctor Who adventure like no other. Featuring Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor and Craig Ferguson as the companion plus a whole host of familiar faces - the laws of the Whoniverse are about to become a little bit wibbly wobbly.

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